Australian made Chlorine resistant Training Swimwear by slix Australia stamina includes chlorine resistant One pieces in girls swimwear, chlorine resistant two pieces in girls swimwear, chlorine resistant Training Bikini’s in girls swimwear as well as chlorine resistant monokinis in girls swimwear, chlorine resistant boys jammers in boys swimwear as and chlorine resistant boys briefs in boys swimwear. Our chlorine resistant swimwear for boys and girls will suit swimming in pool as it is chlorine resistant swimwear which boys and girls swimwear is needed. Chlorine resistant swimwear is girls swimwear as well as boys swimwear which is chlorine proof for this means it will not fade or wear out in chlorinated water. Slix Australia’s chlorine resistant girls swimwear stamina fabric has been uniquely made to ensure its chlorine restance in girls swimwear. Our ones pieces in girls swimwear , two pieces in girls swimwear and training bikinis in girls swimwear are chlorine resistant swimwear. Chlorine resistant swimwear by slix Australia is also suitable for surf in and ocean users. Due to its chlorine resistant nature it will be sure to satisfy most customers. Slix Australia girls Swimwear is a part of our culture and we look to uphold the strongest values in our girls swimwear. Many of our chlorine resistant girls swimwear styles such as our one pieces, two pieces monokini as well as our chlorine resistant swimwear X backs and Minx cut will look beautiful when wearing.