Sports Training Swimwear for Swimmers by Swimmers!

Whether your at swimming training or in the swimming pool, surf life saving, at nipper training or for all you triathletes going for a run or ride Slix Australia knows that your sports swimwear needs to be fun and fashionable.

Our one pieces, Training Bikinis, boys jammers and briefs will feel great and look even better. We're about Bold and Beautiful colours in our sports swimwear!  

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Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Just in Time for Summer Training!!

It does not matter if your training in the swimming pool or or particularly sporty on the by the sea about to have fun some sun and surf or even just at nipper practice Slix Australia has something new instore for you. Being 100% chlorine resistant and made to be comfortable, the brand one new piece is fantastic for your next swimming costume. When your in the pool you want to look and feel your best and slix help your do, just that.

Emerging talent to attend swim camps in Canberra

Two development camps will be held this week off the back of the State Teams Age Short Course Championships in Canberra, with a total of 53 swimmers selected to attend either the National Youth Camp or Talent Identification camp to be held at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

‘Slix Australia’ has been established within 1999, by a mother of four competing swimming youngsters, the issues of parents today were the same then. Each youngster had their own fitting issues. Children require swimwear which fitted, provided them satisfaction, style & glamour. Parents desired swimwear their particular kids wear. From this Deborah started out experimenting and through recommendations, a very good fit and work the business flourished. Slowly growing, with the aid of the internet and service of the woman family, Deborah worked well tirelessly inside a one person show, seeking quality materials suppliers and machinery. From humble beginnings from the garage 13 years back Slix preserves its appearance, quality, match & dependable customers which love each of our brand! To this day every Slix dress-up costume is check driven through competitive swimmers who keep review your swimwear before most people. Loved through competitive swimmers, triathletes & energetic people alike it truly is made through swimmers regarding swimmers!

A swimsuit, bathing suit, swimming costume, swimming suit, tog, bathers, or cossie (short for "costume"), or swimming trunks for men, is an item of clothing designed to be worn by people engaging in a water-based activity or water sports, such as swimming, water polo, diving, surfing, water skiing, or during activities in the sun, such as sun bathing. Different types are worn by men, women, and children. A swimsuit can be worn as an undergarment in sports that require a wetsuit such as water skiing, scuba diving, surfing, and wakeboarding. Swimsuits are also worn when there is a need to display the body, as in the case of beauty pageants or bodybuilding contests. Glamour photography and magazines like the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue feature models and sports personalities in swimsuits. There is a very wide range of styles of modern swimsuits, which vary in relation to body coverage and materials. The choice of style of swimsuit is dependent on current fashions and community standards of modesty, as well as on personal preferences. Swimwear for men usually exposes the chest, which women do not usually do.

There’s anything regarding the coloring reddish. Swifter? Firey? Very hot? Let’s be truthful below at this time there aren’t lots of reddish instruction swimmers around, effectively not necessarily for women. Slix Australia’s 2012 array includes a few reddish choices like the Tetron (pictured), Lava as well as the Fireworks full-piece instruction match. Never ever getting put on Slix My spouse and i wasn’t confident things to assume, nevertheless My spouse and i has been satisfied because of the agency suit, solid elastic within the bust and inside the quick, made all the more safe because of the additional link (under your bust and for the waist). Whichever transpired with one of these togs these people weren’t arriving away from core slide turn or even before the good friends as soon as looking to catch any say. Fully lined as well along with reinforced sewing the initial thoughts are certainly one of toughness, My spouse and i think with the correct care these kinds of children will discover me personally by using a whole time of year connected with serious drinking water perform. But take place these people really feel with? They will absolutely suit your athletic mould – reduced slung inside the sides, modest reduce inside the ass, slender connectors plus a Y-back settings. You will find zero features, merely good old-fashioned sporty traditions. Nonetheless it operates. First off when I’ve received them with an individual claims these people just like them. Mark connected with agreement to me. My spouse and i in addition get through a complete team with out fine-tuning, pulling them upward or even stressing with regards to a wedgie. My spouse and i number they need a great ocean training as well and once more My spouse and i have a accompany previous to My spouse and i strike your mud and I enjoy your narrow seam for the fashionable pertaining to utmost mobility. Having your sting bikini towards greatest extent My spouse and i put them on within any triathlon match to view the way they build up over a four-hour race which includes any swim, drive and work. Problems are fairly very hot and I’m pretty pleased to discover I am able to work along with little mobility, and My spouse and i finish off without any apply or even chaffing at any place. Dimension: Developed to become comfortable suit nevertheless when you’re involving sizing's range in price up. Shoulder straps don’t search or even strangle yet it’s a strong suit throughout the chest or even sides. Price: With $65 it’s probably the most very affordable chlorine-resistant sports activities brazilian bikinis out there. Hues: Reddish and african american. Is supplied in Slix Liger (pink and black), Slix Neglect Molten Lava (red and black), Slix Boysenberry Crank (blue, lilac, white). Professionals: Brilliant coloring, good suit, very affordable, chlorine-resistant, lined and sturdy. Downsides: Is deficient in glamour, reduced slung, narrow seam for the fashionable. Matches: Perfect for ocean sports activities for instance paddling and surf lifesaving. Likewise an excellent option for pool area swimming. Human body kinds: All kinds, yet particularly athletic kinds and any person hoping any summer months sting bikini along with little insurance policy coverage. Style is actually 175cm and it is putting on any women size 8 (same design sports any women size 10 inside the one-piece for that length). It’s pretty agency thus for the more relaxed suit attempt one particular size upward.

As a buyer for a boutique retail store like Slix, picking each upcoming season’s trends sounds like a lot of fun. It is, to a degree, because you can’t help but mentally put aside all the items you’ll be buying and wearing the minute they land. On the other hand there’s undoubtedly pressure. You do not have endless bundles of cash to spend and what you don’t sell will sit there and haunt you and remind you that you picked a dud (a rarity so far thankfully, but it happens to the best of us). You see catalogues and samples, touch and feel fabrics but it can be up to six months or more sometimes between when you order and the time stock arrives. In the meantime you’ve forgotten what you chose and you feel nervous and excited when everything turns up. Buying from a new brand, such as Slix, is a little harder again. Sure it’s a reputable brand, it’s established and known and you feel an innate sense of trust. But it’s still unknown – what is the fit like, the quality and the prints? We were flattered when Slix approached us late last year with an offer for us to join their list of retailers. The situation has previously been the reverse, as you would expect from a start-up. We would have to pitch to brands and labels and spell out why they should sell to us and outline our own brand, market and passion for the business would help cement out credibility. Initially we weren’t enamoured by the existing Slix range. It was the exact reason why we chose to launch. We wanted anything but boring blues and blacks (though we realise there is a market for that, maybe just in a different cut). We’d seen it all before and it made us feel old beyond our years and we weren’t quite ready to don our sun hats and join the water aerobics set (though that looks like so much fun all that dance music, arm pumping and weightless exercising). But we hadn’t accounted for a new designer, the pricing and quality. We picked items conservatively and they arrived to our warehouse last week. What a wonderful surprise. We received a whole range of innovative cuts, thin straps with high backs and the cutest keyhole cutouts, soft fabrics, fully lined swimmers and vibrant, young, on trend prints. There are different brands out there for a range of body shapes. Not one of them can provide something for everyone. What we immediately like about Slix is that it’s a brand that realised it needed a bit of an edgier look without losing its mass market, affordable appeal to women who just want to swim (but look good too). Your bum won’t hang out, you won’t be tugging at your straps or wondering if you’re too old to be wearing their swimmers. It’s good old fashioned fun with a brand new look!! Keep an eye out for our tog test of the Spotfire that we nabbed the minute it arrived. All those bright spots were too much to resist.